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Mechanical Valve Actuator MVA

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Mechanical Valve Actuator MVA

Secure the rupture of a chain with the full comfort of a pneumatic SITEMA clamping head

When a load has to be secured against rupture of a suspension device (e.g. a chain), many customers use our Mechanical Safety Catcher KRM. This unit has the advantage to hold the load immediately upon rupture of the suspension device. Additional sensors to detect rupture of a chain are not necessary. On the other hand, it is not possible to activate the KRM in a user-defined position without rupture of the suspension device, e.g. for maintenance purposes.

Here, the Mechanical Valve Actuator MVA comes to your rescue. It is simply put between the suspension device and the moving load. As soon as the MVA detects rupture of the suspension device, its integrated valve is switched. This immediately releases the pressure from the connected pneumatic clamping head, and the load is securely held. MVA and clamping head communicate with each other directly, so there is no need to go via the application’s control system, and the response time is very fast.

By using the MVA, the advantages of a pneumatic clamp, which can be activated in any position by releasing the pressure, can be combined with the advantages of the Mechanical Safety Catcher KRM (detection of chain rupture, fast reaction time).

Independent of the rupture of the suspension device, the used pneumatic clamping head can be controlled normally via a second valve and cover many different other cases (motor failure, emergency stop, opening of a guard door, …).

Generally, all our pneumatic clamping head series can be controlled with the Mechanical Valve Actuator, e.g. our pneumatic Safety Catchers and our Safety Brakes KSP.

The Mechanical Valve Actuator is available in two sizes (admissible load up to 20 kN / up to 35 kN). Please contact us for more details.