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SITEMA PowerStroke FSK (hydraulic)

In applications like injection moulding and compression moulding, there are often contradictory requirements to the drive system. On the one hand, high working forces are required, on the other hand a quick opening and closing of the mould must be possible to obatain a high productivity. Optimising the drive system for both requirements is difficult and often results in huge and slow machines with high energy consumption.

This is where the SITEMA-PowerStroke FSK offers the solution, as its use makes it possible to separate working stroke and closing stroke. This results in many advantages, as the following pictures illustrate.

Vertical applications are of course possible as well.

Standard solution with many inconveniences due to large hydraulic cylinder and 3 platen solution:

  • Large parts necessary for stable construction
  • High material costs
  • Large space requirements
  • Slow movement
  • High energy costs

Many advantages with the use of the SITEMA PowerStroke - 2 platen solution with small hydraulic cylinder:

  • Compact size
  • Reduced material costs
  • No strong structure / foundations necessary
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Fast movement possible
  • Productivity gain


Fast closing stroke:
  • By small cylinder or other suitable drive
  • SITEMA PowerStroke is open and does not touch the rod
Strong power stroke:
  • The SITEMA PowerStroke grabs the rod and pulls the mold halves together