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SITEMA PowerStroke FSKP (pneumatic)

The pneumatic mould closing device SITEMA-PowerStroke FSKP can show its strengths best when high forces are required on a short stroke (strong working stroke) and at the same time small forces are required at high velocity on a long stroke (fast closing stroke), and when everything is to be actuated by pneumatics only.

The unit is designed for ready mounting on a standard pneumatic cylinder as well as on separate rods. Thus, the SITEMA-PowerStroke FSKP is suitable for a multitude of applications, e.g.:
mould clamping, forming, punching, stamping, riveting, bending, pressing, squeezing, joining, coining.


  • The strong working stroke is possible in every position of the stroke
  • The closing force is proportional to the pneumatic pressure and can easily be adjusted by regulating the pressure
  • The energy consumption is considerably less than with conventional solutions (big pneumatic cylinders or penumatic-hydraulic systems)
  • The space requirements are much smaller than with conventional solutions

Additional Safety Advantage

p1 Fast closing stroke by cylinder
p2 Strong working stroke by PowerStroke

Owing to its unique concept, the SITEMA-PowerStroke FSKP is able to offer a considerable safety advantage. In the example below, the pneumatic cylinder to drive the plunger can be dimensioned so small that it is not considered a serious risk of injury. The high working force is applied by the SITEMA-PowerStroke FSKP only when the two parts are already in contact, and when it is therefore no longer possible to reach into the danger area (middle view in the picture).