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Mounting Flanges

The standard SITEMA Safety Catchers (compressive load versions) are equipped with a set of threaded boreholes to fix the unit to the machine frame. However, often a mounting flange is required because either bolting from below is not possible or a floating attachment is necessary to compensate for possible misalignment. SITEMA offers various types of flanges for standing or hanging, floating or fixed mounting. Flanges for Safety Catchers with spring base are available as well.


The SITEMA automatic air bleeder has been developed specially for use with a clamping unit. It assures a permanent air bleeding of the hydraulic fluid.

Air in hydraulic systems can cause various problems. Especially the so-called Diesel effect (compression-ignition of air-oil mixture) can cause damage to seals and sealing surfaces. Clamping devices have a particularly high risk of damage due to Diesel effect. Because of its small hydraulic volume, the oil is not flushed through the clamping unit, and air can accumulate in it.

Especially if the clamping device is situated on the very top of the hydraulic system, a one-time manual bleeding at installation is not always sufficient. At least in these cases an Auto-Bleeder is strongly recommended.