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Fix the rod

Fix the rod

Our clamping heads have rods tightly in their grip - but how are the rods fixed to the machine? With the new SITEMA rod fixation, this has never been easier.

New by SITEMA - the Rod Attachment STB

SITEMA clamping heads have a big safety margin in terms of holding force. For example, a Safety Catcher can have an actual holding force that is 3.5 times higher than the admissible load M indicated on the name plate.
Therefore, this value of 3.5 x M must be the basis to calculate the strength of the rod attachment.

Those who do not wish to spend much time on their own design can now use the ready-made SITEMA Rod Attachment STB.  It is designed for the maximum possible forces, and at the same time allows the rod to move a little laterally. In this way, you get a safe fixation of the rod that can even compensate for alignement errors to a certain degree.

The documentation shows precise design requirements for the rod end, so that you can rely on SITEMA here as well.

The SITEMA Rod Attachment STB is available for all rod diameters of our standard clamping heads and is ready for order from now on.

Link to the data sheet

Feel free to contact us about the SITEMA rod fixation.

Publicado el 30.10.19