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A strong foundation for further growth

A strong foundation for further growth

The SITEMA company further invests in their headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany

SITEMA's current production site has grown with the company over the past 30 years and has been enlarged several times to meet the needs of expanding business. Now the time has come when further extension is not feasible on the current site. Therefore, SITEMA is now investing in a fully new production facility to provide the base for further growth with a new building designed for optimized workflow. The groundbreaking ceremony was celebrated on April 18.

The conceptual design, planning and execution of the new building is done in close cooperation with company Vollack. Together, a modern working environment concept was developed which not only considers every single working step, but also creates an atmosphere promoting team spirit and cooperation.
Open office spaces, communication zones and intervisibility between manufacturing and administration are important parts of this concept, so that the different staff groups can interact more closely. Our numerous national and international customers benefit directly from the resulting increased effectiveness in their daily cooperation with SITEMA.

SITEMA is the only company worldwide specializing in the development and production of clamping heads and linear brakes acting on round rods. The deliberate focus on these often safety relevant products makes SITEMA a competent and powerful system provider with a wide range of products that offer an optimum solution for various applications.

Publicado el 03.05.13