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We do everything for your safety

Development and design. Project management and customer contact. Fabrication and assembly. Outgoing testing and shipping. We do not let anyone else take care of your safety – we handle everything ourselves.


Transparency is the key to our success

Our corporate headquarter is designed to suit the way we work: straight-lined, and transparent. With an open architectural style that connects and encourages interaction. With a spatial concept that promotes teamwork yet maintains focus on attaining our shared success.


Our values reinforce trust

"Fulfilling the quality expectations of our customers is the top priority in all corporate processes." That core tenet of our philosophy demonstrates: Quality is a fundamental principle to which we are committed.

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The Safety Company

We are the specialists

SITEMA is the only company in the world specializing exclusively in the development and production of clamping devices and linear brakes on round rods. The consequence of that specialization: SITEMA is an internationally respected partner to machinery manufacturers. We specialize in securing, clamping and fi xing loads in axial motion. It is a fi eld in which we have been a leading brand name for many years, particularly with our SITEMA Clamping Heads. Alongside our broad product portfolio, we offer unique consulting and solution-delivering expertise to meet any challenge.

Supreme experience

It was back in 1979 that SITEMA developed the first system enabling the transmission of high braking forces of hydraulic elevators by friction directly on the piston rod. This new technology was the foundation for ongoing development and diversifi cation into a wide variety of different clamping heads. Today, SITEMA manufactures hydraulically, pneumatically, mechanically and electrically operated clamping heads for many different applications.

The SITEMA movie

Quality creates trust

Guaranteed reliability

Our success is founded on adherence to the very highest quality standards in our products. Because safety components absolutely have to deliver functional reliability – and that is something we do as a matter of course. SITEMA Clamping Heads are approved as restraint device by the competent European bodies. Certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, SITEMA operates a highly efficient management system in keeping with internationally recognized benchmarks to assure absolute reliability and quality including in its inhouse processes and procedures.

100 % outgoing testing

Immediately following on from the production process, each individual clamping head is checked in terms of functionality and holding force on our own inhouse test rigs. The complete test documentation is archived and available for customers to inspect at any time.

Approval and certification

  • Approval for use in presses for SITEMA safety catchers DGUV test certificate for Safety Catchers (e.g. for presses acc. to ISO 16092 or EN 693)
  • DGUV certification static holding of forces and loads for KSP DGUV test certificate for Safety Brakes
  • DGUV test certification for KFHS DGUV test certificate for Locking Units KFHS
  • Lloyd’s Register type approval certificate for series KFHL Lloyd’s Register certification for Locking Units KFHL
  • Certificate ISO 9001:2015 Certificate ISO 9001:2015
  • Certificate ISO 14001:2015 Certificate ISO 14001:2015
  • Certificate CE

Our service for your efficiency

Rapid response

Whether in providing advice, repairs or shipping: The services offered by SITEMA are all focused on rapid response. They are backed by a highly committed, customer-oriented team who are able to meet complex customer requirements quickly and effi ciently. Express delivery of complete replacement components and expert service and support backup optimize SITEMA customers’ productivity.

Quick delivery ensures your productivity

Short delivery lead times

Quick availability of standard products is backed by our high stock levels. Some 2000 SITEMA Clamping Heads featuring a wide variety of different holding forces and for many different rod diameters are permanently at the ready to assure fast shipping. With its status as a "Known Consignor", SITEMA meets all the conditions for fast air freight around the world.

Tailored for you

Custom solutions, individual and fast

SITEMA’s development team is expert in analyzing technical requirements for the production of single items and small lots. Using that expertise, SITEMA is able to design and produce individually tailored custom solutions with high levels of commitment. The more unusual a clamping head application, the more we are inspired to create a new solution.

Continuous improvement

Sustained progress

When you have a mature product range, it’s all about optimizing the detail. SITEMA’s development team delivers continuous improvement in design and ensures regular expansion of the product portfolio. One of the fruits of those efforts was the PowerStroke, an innovative solution for holding molds closed. Find out more about the clamping head with integrated short stroke cylinder.

Customer-oriented testing

For clamping force testing, SITEMA has presses with up to 1000 metric tons test force as well as a dynamic test rig for drop speeds up to 3 meters per second. Working closely with our customers’ development teams, we make sure a SITEMA Clamping Head always meets requirements.