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Rod attachment STB

Safe connection between rod and machine part

SITEMA clamping heads safely hold loads and forces on round rods. Therefore, the safe attachment of the rod to the machine part is just as important as the holding force of the clamping head - what use is the best clamping head if the connection between rod and machine part is not suitable for the acting forces?

Due to the high margin in holding force of SITEMA clamping heads, the acting forces can be many times higher than the actual static load, especially during an emergency braking. Therefore, the rod and its attachment must be designed for example for 3.5 times the admissible load M of our Safety Catchers.

The SITEMA rod attachment STB considers the maximum possible force for each diameter and thus presents a comfortable solution that has been thought through and that is ready for use.

Furthermore, the rod attachment STB allows a certain radial and axial play to compensate for minor alignment errors. The documentation shows the requirements for choice and design of the rod, so that you can have the rod made at your usual supplier without problems.

The rod attachment STB is available for all SITEMA standard diameters between 16 and 100 mm. Contact us for more details.