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Safety Catchers

Secure restraining in case of pressure drop

Personal protection and accident prevention

Safety Catchers are used wherever heavy lifted loads have to be secured against falling or accidentally dropping. 

Series K, KR, KRP ...

  • For medium-sized, large and very large loads
  • Certified by DGUV Test
  • One load direction
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Technical Data

Find outer dimensions, CAD files and technical data here.


Did you know that...?

  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers have a very high B10D value of 6 million cycles?
  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers make big hydraulic presses so safe that the DGUV allows people to go underneath the slide?
  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers have already been invented in 1979 to secure hydraulic load elevators?
  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers are used in a particle accelerator in the USA?
  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers have the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) approval as mechanical restraint device in presses?
  • …you can save energy with SITEMA Safety Catchers, as the can hold lifted loads without need for energy?
  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers use a self-intensifying clamping system with many advantages which is unique in the world?
  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers can prevent a cylinder from retracting or extending at any point of the stroke?
  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers are used even under water, e.g. to secure the adjustable floor in Munich’s Olympic swimming pool?
  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers are used as continuous closing stroke protection in injection moulding machines?
  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers secure cable cars such as the ones in Koblenz (Germany), Brest (Brittany) at the sea or in deepest winter in a skiing resort?
  • …SITEMA Safety Catchers are safe against unintended release?