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Safety Brakes

Securing vertically moving masses

Safety for oblique and vertical axes

Typical applications include oblique-angled and vertical axes in the automation industry to provide vital protection of personnel and machinery.

Series KSP

  • For small to medium-sized loads
  • DGUV-approved
  • One load direction 
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Technical Data

Find outer dimensions, CAD files and technical data here.


Did you know that...?

  • …SITEMA Safety Brakes have a very high B10D value of 6 million cycles?
  • …you can save energy with SITEMA Safety Brakes, as the can hold lifted loads without need for energy?
  • …SITEMA Safety Brakes are ideal for applications in automation?
  • …SITEMA Safety brakes have the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) approval as mechanical restraint device in presses?
  • …SITEMA Safety Brakes are used in palletizers?
  • …a safety system with SITEMA Safety Brakes and EP Module was tested during a Bruno Mars concert in Las Vegas?
  • …SITEMA Safety Brakes use a self-intensifying clamping system with many advantages which is unique in the world?