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Generates large forces over short distances

Clamping head with integrated short stroke function

The PowerStroke can be used in any horizontal and vertical applications requiring large forces to be built up over short working distances.

Series FSK, FSKP

  • Clamping head with additional integrated short stroke function
  • Ideal for pressing, stamping, joining, riveting, clinching, forming, embossing, closing molds etc.
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Technical Data

Find outer dimensions, CAD files and technical data here.


Did you know that...?

  • …the SITEMA PowerStroke can make pressure and leakage test rigs very flexible?
  • …the SITEMA PowerStroke can create forces of up to 30 kN purely by pneumatic pressure?
  • …due to its innovative concept, the SITEMA PowerStroke makes it possible to build compact machines with high energy efficiency?
  • …the SITEMA PowerStroke can be used in all application where a high force is needed over a short stroke?
  • …the SITEMA PowerStroke is the drive for presses for composite materials?
  • …the SITEMA PowerStroke is used as the drive system for injection moulding machines?
  • …the SITEMA PowerStroke can create forces of 1800 kN with an oil volume of only 3 litres?