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Safety Locks

Secure restraining of lifted loads

Compact and safe

The design principle allows for the creation of highly compact clamping heads. They are ideal for applications involving purely static securing.

Series KRG

  • For static or slow-moving masses
  • Compact design
  • One load direction
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Technical Data

Find outer dimensions, CAD files and technical data here.


Did you know that...?

  • …you can secure static loads with little effort continuously, without much need for space with SITEMA Safety Locks?
  • …SITEMA Safety Locks are used to secure mobile man lifts of 101 m elevation?
  • …SITEMA Safety Locks are used to secure the theatre stages of, among others, Genova, Rome (Italy), Passau and Braunschweig (Germany)?
  • …SITEMA Safety Locks can prevent a cylinder from retracting or extending at any point of the stroke?
  • …you can save energy with SITEMA Safety Locks, as the can hold lifted loads without need for energy?
  • …SITEMA Safety Locks use a self-intensifying clamping system with many advantages which is unique in the world?
  • …SITEMA Safety Locks can also be used to suddenly release a pre-stressed load?